Programmatic Creative Vs. DCO

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Have you ever thought of the immense possibilities that could open up when you combine the best of ad creatives with programmatic advertising environments?

Once the creative ads are applied methodically and strategically using a programmatic advertising environment, highly personalized campaigns can be quickly delivered.

Here, a unique blend of the best creative elements and media strategy can help ensure the best possible marketing efforts.

People often mistake creative optimization (DCO) and programmatic creative as two entirely different technologies. However, in reality, DCO is, in fact, a subset of programmatic creatives

DCO allows creative teams to assemble ads more effectively by working with machine learning to optimize the best performing ads.

Just like DCO, the programmatic creative helps the advertisers to continually refine the ads to deliver the right messages to the most appropriate audience on suitable devices.

What is the difference between DCO and Programmatic creative?

Programmatic creatives are data-based advertising technologies that add speed, automation, and scale to the creative process. This process includes both creative optimization and production.

The idea of programmatic creative is to fully utilize the data on which several million dollars and spend to leverage advertising.

The programmatic media brings enormous scope and potential in how stories are being relayed in the online media. This media format brings in creativity and data, ensuring that the brands showcase their ads in the most meaningful manner.

This ad technology is highly effective when customizing ads for a specific target group of audience. It helps to maximize the relevancy of the ads for the viewers when compared to generic ads.

Higher ROI and conversion rates are ensured when the audience are categorized into several clusters and targeted with personalized and highly relevant ads.

Ad testing is possible with programmatic creatives in which several different variations of the same ads are created and optimized based on the test results.

The technology of DCO was introduced before programmatic creatives were well known. It acts like an ad factory where thousands of unique creatives are generated on the fly.

DCO was used initially for targeting shoppers who have either abandoned or left their shopping cart midway. 

Dynamic Creative Optimization can be explained as doing A/B testing simultaneously and using sophisticated algorithms to interpret the results.

The performance is evaluated based on the results, and continuous improvement is undertaken.

By using multivariate testing, the ads are automatically optimized. Ad copy, button color, images, text, and headlines are a few testing traits.

These ad units can be used in campaigns expected to incite a better response from the shoppers.

The dynamic ads can sync with the DMP audience segment to serve a specific creative.

The creatives will streamline itself dynamically with inputs such as: 

  1. Ad placement / contextual targeting
  2. Location
  3. Device
  4. Weather
  5. Behavioral targeting
  6. Demographics
  7. Time
  8. Retargeting information

Often additional codes are required to process this data in real-time. 

This means that DCO ads tend to be slightly heavier, impacting viewability due to slow loading speeds. Fortunately, this problem is compensated by the rise in the overall performance of the ad.

Bottom Line

Every year several billion dollars are lost in advertisements. The marketers have just begun to realize the immense potential that the DCOs could offer their marketing campaigns.

Using the technology of DCOs or Programmatic ad campaigns, you will find a considerable difference in your conversion rates, which helps you to proper faster towards your marketing goals.

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