What is Facebook Dynamic Creative?

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Studies have shown that the number of Facebook users worldwide is increasing steadily. The graph below shows the numbers of Facebook users from 2015 to 2020.

facebook dynamic creative
Source: Statista

In this tech-savvy era, Facebook is considered one of the top digital advertising channels online.

Last year, the marketing spend amounted to 9.9 billion U.S. dollars, up from 7.8 billion from the previous year.

Facebook places a significant part in people’s lives, with over 1.5 billion daily active and 2.2 billion monthly active users. Marketers are quite sure that this trend is not going to change anytime.

The company introduced Dynamic creative features in September 2017. With this technique, advertisers can create dynamic ads by combining videos, text, images.

Let us understand how this feature works?

How do facebook dynamic creatives work?

This feature works by testing different combinations of various ad components such as images, videos, text, etc., and finding out what works the best across other groups of audiences.

Facebook itself recommends using this feature on a larger group of audiences, and each campaign has to be separately managed for a specific group of audience.

For advertisers, Facebook provides 30 different slots for creative assets to place their creatives. 

This system then uses built-in AI technology to mix and match in order to create high performing ads.

Facebook has some limitations for this innovative feature, which include a limited number of slots for images/videos, titles, descriptions, text, and CTA tabs. 

Setting up dynamic creative on Facebook depends mainly on your marketing objectives. It could be either for 

  • Web traffic/visitors
  • Conversions
  • App installs

Click on this link to know more about setting up dynamic ads for Facebook.

Benefits of Facebook’s Dynamic Creative

Let us check out some of the benefits of using Dynamic Creative with Facebook.

1. Picks up the right ads for the audience

The built-in smart AI of Facebook matches the right creative to the most relevant group of audience. This means that only the most relevant ads will be shown to a particular viewer segment.

This is done by gathering and analyzing the user data such as demographics; product viewed history, pages clicked/opened, etc.

The tools can serve the most relevant ads to every visitor, maximizing the probability of conversion.

The inbuilt analytics feature provides in-depth information to marketers regarding the performance of their ads.

2. Saves time 

Using Facebook’s dynamic creativity will help the advertiser to save valuable time and effort.

The advertisers have to spend a significant amount of time designing and creating the ads.

The process can be incredibly time-consuming, giving then little time to focus on ad serving. Thanks to the intelligent ad optimization technology from Facebook, the inbuilt AI will take care of the ad serving needs in the most effective way.

With the power of Dynamic Creative Optimization, several different combinations of ads can churn out effortlessly.

3. Highly effective in testing variations

This system is uniquely designed to test up to 30 asset components. Thus it provides a quick solution for the marketers in understanding what combination of ad works the best and what does not.

Advertisers can use this technology to handpick the best performing combination of ads and give more focus on it.

Now the good thing about this technology is that all these combinations can be obtained with minimal effort from the advertiser’s side.

While using the dynamic creative on Facebook, it is recommended for the advertiser to use all the available 30 slots to get the maximum possible combinations.

The built-in tool automatically optimizes the best performing combinations to help the advertiser identify the high performing ad combinations.

Within a few days after serving the ads, you will be able to see an in-depth report on your campaign’s performance.

You have to click on “Breakdown” and select the assets.

4. Highly effective for retargeting

Sometimes, all you need to do is a simple retargeting to convert the audience already on the brim of conversion.

Facebook’s dynamic tool has given proven results to marketers to retarget a large audience group. The ad selection and serving will be based on the audience’s history, which incites a better response.

Final Words

Being the most popular social media platform on the planet, dynamic creativity from Facebook helps to touch a large audience segment within a short period.

The company has invested a good deal in improving the technology of Dynamic creative in the coming years.

Marketers are expecting the newer versions to be more robust in guaranteeing eye-opening results.

This article is a part of our comprehensive series on Dynamic creative optimization



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