5 Trends Everyone in Mobile Advertising Needs to Know (Infographic)

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Mobile reigns supreme in digital advertising. True or false?

Let the Internet Trends Report by Mary Meeker tell you the great potential of mobile advertising.

Find out how these patterns impact the digital advertising world. More importantly, what do they mean to you?

Here’s a list of 5 trends from the report that show you the importance of mobile-first marketing.

1. Mobile Videos Getting More Popular.

Global mobile data traffic grew nearly 70% with 55% of mobile data traffic come from video.


Recognized as a promising digital ad format, videos leave a lasting impression on your audience. Emotional appeal is probably the crucial element of its growth.

On Facebook, there are 4 billion video views per day where 75% are on mobile. This means if there are 20 people watching Facebook video, 15 are watching on mobile.

Why should you consider videos for your mobile campaign?

Video ads compare to TV ads have (IAB & Nielsen)

  • 50% more message recall
  • Over 45% more brand recall
  • Nearly 40% more ad likeability

And 57% of consumers claim that product videos make them more confident in a purchase and less likely to return an item (MediaPost)

With the growing popularity of videos and mobile, it’s important for marketers to know how to do them right.

2. Mobile Ads Getting More Motion in Short Burst.

Short-form mobile video for ads is trending. 4 new styles of ad were introduced.


Continued shortening of video formats and increased user control over ad viewing has created a challenge for you. These constraints are meant to protect the user experience. In turn, it forces you to rethink how to create a commercial.

The concern is how do you draw attention but also set it in-context in a very short time frame.

With the help of video apps like Youtube, Vine, Meerkat and Periscope, hosting and streaming concerns are already out of the way. All you need to focus on is video creatives.

Here’s what we recommend you do: have a well-defined target audience, a clear end goal, be more upbeat than usual, and have a hook.

3. Vertical Screens and Vertical Content are Big Deal for Mobile.

29% Of people’s daily screen time spent looking at smartphones. 5 years ago, time devoted to vertical-oriented screens was only 5% of overall viewing time.


To get a vertical ad you can use a mobile interstitial or responsive landing page.

But, video, on the other hand, is a different story. Today, we play horizontal videos downsized with space above and below on the vertical screen of mobile. To turn your phone sideways for right orientation is awkward and a bit of a hassle. Ironically, after eight years of verticle mobile viewing and almost half of Youtube views already mobile, we are still creating videos for desktops.

This is crucial, but many has yet to know its impact on advertising success. Vertical mobile video ads have 9x higher completed views vs. horizontal video ads.

The demand for vertical videos and content increase as consumers go mobile. It’s changing the way we watch videos. So video ads must follow too.

4. Minimize Frictions to Purchase—one click payment for social

Buy Buttons optimized for mobile to provide effortless buying process is trending.


Mobile is always at hand. So it can touch every stage of the buying process—discovery to payment. When your customers are at the moment of interest, get them through the process effortlessly (especially on mobile).

Few key mobile-optimized buy buttons principle

  • Reasonably sized – make it visually easier to spot and easier to tap a fat finger on
  • Impactful copy – to answer questions like “what’s in it for me”
  • Awesome visual effects – it stands out, stop users from wondering “what do I do next to buy”, “how do I get this”

Remember one size does not fit all! Just keep trying to get what works best. Ultimately, aim to create seamless buying process for your users.

5. Mobile Ad Industry Has Room To Grow—$25 billion* potential.

Mobile commands 24% of media time spent, but only 8% of ad dollar on mobile. Relatively low compared to Internet*.


*Numbers are based on US market data

There is a considerable gap between mobile usage and ad spending. It appears that many advertisers have no interest in the many activities in mobile. It’s potentially due to mobile ad tracking (or the lack of it).

Compare to its desktops counterpart, cookie tracking on mobile devices presents many limitations. Good news is, smart alternative methods can fix it.

So the question is, why aren’t you reaching out to prospects that are evidently going mobile?

Lastly, we found that location-based mobile ads the strongest strategies for great conversions. So, here’s a bonus trend just for you.

6. Location-based Mobile Advertising Is Prevailing.

60% Of consumers use smartphone on-the-go while shopping in malls, grocery or retails. 56% of consumers made a purchase because of relevant content.

Smartphone is very personal to a user and is always at hand. So you can leverage location behaviors to shape a very targeted mobile ad content and messaging to your consumers.

Hyperlocal targeting has proven to achieve higher engagement levels. There are many types, here are some with examples.

  • Geo-fencing—push your ads to prospects who are in the vicinity of your store
  • Geo-aware—serve different ad content to different users, i.e. display USD to users from America
  • Geo-location—store locator that helps your prospect to your store from their current location
  • Geo-conquesting—reach out to your users when they are around your target competitor location

This is huge for brands that do not require an in-depth purchase consideration, like Retail, Restaurants, and Financial Services/Insurance.

Bottom line

From the report, trends have shown us mobile advertising has so much upside potential. Giving you insights on how to strategize your ad campaigns. Here’s a summary of the take.

  1. Video is popular and better. Mobile video views are rising. Capitalize on the growth of mobile video!
  2. Do extremely compelling, yet meaningful short videos to capture your audience.
  3. Make vertical video shots for your users.
  4. Create seamless buying process for your users, i.e. one-click payment.
  5. Leverage on mobile technology to capitalize on location-based advertising.
  6. Follow your prospects…they are going mobile!

Include mobile in your campaigns today!


Here’s the full infographic of 5 Trends Everyone in Mobile Advertising Needs to Know.

5 Trends Everyone in Mobile Advertising Needs to Know

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