How To Measure Viewability

Ad viewability is a major challenge in the Adtech industry.

There are advertisers losing up to 70% of their ad spend – without them even realising it.

As an advertiser, you need to take extra steps to getting ad viewability tracked in your campaign, regardless of whether you are buying ad inventories from programmatic or directly from premium publishers.

After all, your ads are of no value if nobody sees them.

How To Measure Viewability

Ad viewability can be measured and verified using an ad viewability audit tool. Following the MRC standard, a display ad is considered viewable if 50% of the ad is in view for a minimum of 1 second and 2 seconds for video ads.

As a third-party ad server, we included a free ad viewability tracking tool that is active in every ad served, through the ad server.

As ads are served, you will be able to track the viewability of your ads, through a reporting dashboard in almost real-time, including line breakdowns of every ad inventory placement your ads were served in and if they were viewable. (See sample viewability report below)

With this report, you can then make necessary traffic optimization and even call out traffic sources which are not providing you with the rightful ad impressions. What used to be a highly technical and expensive tool, is now made free at your disposal.

Watch this video to learn how to track ad viewability

MobileAds is a third-party ad serving platform with an ad viewability audit tool built-in for advertisers to vet the quality of ad inventories supplied by traffic sources. Sign up now to serve and track your ads for free.

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