How To Use MobileAds’ Ad Tag Generator

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An ad tag is a snippet of codes (usually Javascript) that advertisers use to serve ad creatives from an ad server to DSP (Demand-Side Platforms), ad networks or directly on sites & apps.

There are many benefits to using ad tags to serve your ad creatives. One of the key benefits, however, is because it enables advertisers to rotate their ad creatives on the ad server side, without having to replace the tag on the DSP or publisher.

Here is how to use the ad tag generator in MobileAds.

How To Use MobileAds’ Ad Tag Generator

Log into the dashboard and choose to upload your ads – HTML5 zip file, images or videos.

How To Use MobileAds' Ad Tag Generator 1

Once you’ve uploaded your ads, simply give it a name and save under a campaign. You can upload multiple ad variations under the same campaign for A/B testing purposes.

How To Use MobileAds' Ad Tag Generator 2

From here, activate the ads you’d like to run, then click on ‘Get Ad Tag’ to launch the ad tag generator.

How To Use MobileAds' Ad Tag Generator 3

The ad tag generator window will launch. Choose the DSP that you are using from the drop bar and copy the ad tag by clicking on ‘Copy Ad Tag’. That’s it. Simply use the ad tag in a DSP and your ads will show correctly.

You can also click on ‘Test Your Ad Tag Here’ to launch a tester to verify that your ad tag works, before running it in the DSP.

Advanced Ad Tag Generator Settings

How To Use MobileAds' Ad Tag Generator 4

In some cases, you might want to explore the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab to edit inventory settings or to add external trackers to your ad tag. You will find few important settings that are enabled by default but you can disable them, should you need to.

The external tracker settings refer to trackers that you get from other third-party tracking platforms. This can be useful to track certain metrics to counter-check for discrepancies.

Once you have made your changes, click ‘Update Ad Tag’ and use the ad tag as usual.

Adding A New Custom DSP

How To Use MobileAds' Ad Tag Generator 5

You can also add a new DSP to the ad tag generator if you don’t see your DSP in the pre-defined droplist.

In this section, enter the name for the DSP you are adding and paste in its tracking macros. Macros are bits of code inserted into the ad tag to enable MobileAds’ ad server to track clicks, inventory IDs, devices and more. Your DSP partner would be able to provide you with their macro information.

Once done, click ‘Save Custom DSP’ to add it to the ad tag generator. The new DSP you added will be conveniently saved in the droplist and can be selected for any campaigns you run.

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