What is DBM Called Now And What is DBM Double Click

If you’re agency or company is looking to improve it’s digital marketing activities, DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), now known as Demand Side Platform (DSP), is a great option.
DMB offers marketers access to multiple inventories for programmatic media purchasing across all channels and formats.
We will be discussing DBM, the advantages the marketers gain from using the platform, and how it simplifies the buying and selling ad campaigns.

What is a Doubleclick bid manager?

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) is Google’s DSP that offers trading desks, advertisers, and agencies to all the video, display, and all available ad spaces in real-time.
It’s recognized as the most premium solution in advertiser’s programmatic marketing portfolio. 
DBM makes sure the buyers get the opportunity to reach the maximum level of bidding, targeting, and optimizing marketing ad campaigns.
As you will later learn, the platform allows advertisers to organize and align all of their programmatic buying options within it.

What are the Doubleclick bid manager’s main features?

Below are the core features of DBM.


  • It’s integrated with inventory from at least 100 Ad exchanges and not less than one billion websites.
  • It works well across all gadgets (PC, Mobile, and Tablet)
  • It can manage different bidding strategies
  • An outstanding targeting ability. It can locate your desired customer based on their demographics, interests, and purchasing intent by use of Google’s data.
  • Ability to reach individuals in your remarketing list

Buying Options 

  • A one-stop-shop. Advertisers have different options for purchasing programmatically. This includes direct deals, open exchange, and programmatic guaranteed.
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager’s interface enables dealers to plan, seek, and buy premium impressions with its platform’s interface.
  • Premium video ad spaces. You can purchase safe video impressions for TV Programmatically and YouTube through DBM’s premium video marketplace.
  • A friendly buying procedure. DBM allows advertisers to build, execute, and measure marketing campaigns across mobile, desktop, and video with its platform.

Reporting and Optimization

  • Easy campaign management. Advertisers can start and manage their campaigns using Google’s advanced algorithms to make changes and optimize campaigns to accomplish desired goals.
  • Funnel analytics measurement. You can check your real-time analytics to confirm your campaigns are presented to the right audience, and they’re converting leads to buyers.
  • Reporting of 35 dimensions and 50 parameters for checking the essential metrics of a campaign
  • The platform allows advertisers to check the ad clicks, the number of impressions, and the website conversions that resulted from the ad campaigns.

Unified platform with DBM

  • Data created from DoubleClick Bid Manager’s interface can be used and tracked throughout DBM.
  • You can reach and monitor your potential leads using cookies and floodlights 


  • Google’s DoubleClick Verification protects its advertisers from fraudsters.

Do You Still Have Questions on DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM)?
The marketing world is growing at the speed of lightning. By the time you understand why a particular platform is essential, and how to incorporate it into your marketing strategy, something new is already trending.
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