New Feature: Flexi Ad Creator to build HTML5 Banner

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new HTML5 Ad Creator (Beta) where you can use to build animated HTML5 banner easily.

With the new Ad Creator (Beta), you can build different animated layout for your banner. Just simply drag & drop different media (image, text, etc) into your ad, rearrange the layout, add in animation and you are done.

What’s is HTML5 Banner Ads?

HTML5 Banner Ads

Flexi Ad Creator to build HTML5 Banner

HTML5 ads is the new standard for online advertising because it works across different platforms and devices (Desktop & Mobile).  You can use images and texts to create interactive banner that works everywhere without any plugin (unlike flash). You can learn more about HTML5 banner here.

I’ve prepared a sample animated HTML5 banner below, built using our new Ad Creator (Beta):-

You can see more rich media ad examples here.

It has yet to support our Rich Media components in this beta version. However, we will be adding them in very soon to allow you to combine Rich Media components into your animated HTML5 banner. This will greatly improve it’s interactivity and boosts your campaign’s performance.

Our new HTML5 Ad Creator (Beta) is already accessible in your account right now. Just head over to your account and access our ad creator from the menu. You will then see a new notification that will bring you to the new HTML5 Ad Creator (Beta).


So stay tuned for more exciting new features coming soon 🙂

P.S: If you do not have an account yet, please head over to to get an account.

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