New Feature: Interstitial Ad Close Button Timer

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This is a new feature which allows a timer to be set on your Interstitial Ad format. It will hide the close button while the timer is running and it will only be shown once the timer runs out.

With the introduction of close button timer, you will be able to ensure your audience view your ad at least the predefined duration before they can close the ad. This might potentially improve your engagement rate.

This feature is already enabled in your account so go ahead and try it for yourself.

Learn how to enable the close button timer now!

Enable the Close Button Timer for your Interstitial Ad


  • This option is enabled only when your campaign contains active Interstitial Ad format
  • To enable this option, just check the checkbox and then set the duration (in seconds) that you want for your timer.
  • Interstitial Ads best practices: Keep the duration short as a long timer might gives your audience a bad user experience

Interstitial Ad Close Button Timer

Interstitial Ad Close Button Timer

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