What Is A Third-Party Ad Tag?

What Is An Ad Tag?

A third-party ad tag or ‘ad placement tag’ is simply a snippet of Javascript code, generated from a 3rd party ad server, which is then placed into an ad inventory space on a website or app to display ad creatives that were uploaded on the ad server.

In layman terms, the ad tag is a digital container which ad creatives will display.

The same single ad tag can be placed on multiple ad inventory space on different websites and apps. Demand-side platforms(DSP) and ad networks can also make use of ad tags in a programmatic environment for ad serving.


With it implemented, the advertiser no longer has to go to directly to each publisher to change the creative. Any creative change on the ad server will reflect on the single ad tag, placed in every publisher you run ads in.

Generally, an ad tag enables advertisers to:

  • Make creative changes and optimization from the ad server, instead of going directly to each publisher.
  • Do creative A/B & multivariate testing.
  • Track ad viewability – as trackers are placed within the ad tag.
  • Track ad engagement.

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