Image of a Mobile Ad shown on Mobile Device

7 Important Mobile Advertising Basics To Follow

I say mobile advertising, you say unpredictable! Yes, we understand your pain. Mobile marketing is ever changing and complex. Many agencies and advertisers are just like you. They are hesitant too. But, it’s inevitable! Eventually, advertisers must consider mobile advertising campaigns because people embrace mobile in their daily life, it is changing how we communicate, work and […]

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Secondary Action Rate

The Power of Secondary Action Rate in Mobile Advertising

There is a buzz in the mobile advertising world these days. And it is that the metric called click-through (CTR) simply isn’t enough for mobile campaigns. What makes more sense is a term called SAR—Secondary Action Rate. SAR claimed champion as the most accurate benchmarks for measuring mobile campaign success. Consequently, optimizing your mobile ads […]

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Richmedia Engagement Featured Image

How Rich Media Engagement Converts Better than Static Banners

Static banners are dying horrible deaths. They are not just dull and uninteresting, they also offer little engagement points. Through eMarketer’s 2014 performance metrics report, we know that rich media banners are 267% more effective than static banners. Furthermore, they give eight times more engagement than standard banners. Undeniably, investing in rich media contents can […]

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Mobile Ads Market Explosion

Two questions you need to ask yourself if you are a marketer or someone who are not following the mobile ads trend yet. Firstly, who is setting trend for mobile ads? Secondly, is Mobile Advertising trend a fad? According to IAB numbers, the first few years of digital advertising from 1996 to 2000 showed triple-digit […]

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Collaboration Offering Internship Opportunities By Partnering LaunchPad. has joint forces in the announcement of the launch of project Launchpad, an internship aggregator that was initiated by iMoney, Malaysia’s leading comparison website. “We strongly we believe in building younger generations, because they are not only the leaders of tomorrow, but they are the movers and influencers of today. Students have so much […]

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IAB Full Page Flex

Making the Best of Mobile Ad Formats

Standard Banners VS  Rich  Media Mobile ads are divided into two categories: standard banners and rich media. Standard banners are static ads made from a single graphic running across the top or bottom of a mobile device. When tapped, it brings the audience to a landing page for the product or service. Rich media, on […]

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