What Is an Ad Tag

What Is A Third-Party Ad Tag?

What Is An Ad Tag? A third-party ad tag or ‘ad placement tag’ is simply a snippet of Javascript code, generated from a 3rd party ad server, which is then placed into an ad inventory space on a website or app to display ad creatives that were uploaded on the ad server. In layman terms, the ad […]

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What Is a Third Party Ad Server

What Is a Third Party Ad Server?

What Is a Third Party Ad Server? A third party ad server is a technology company with expertise in managing, serving, tracking and reporting of online display ads. Ads are uploaded into an ad server and an ad tag is generated. Advertisers then use that ad tag to serve ads into websites or mobile applications. […]

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What Is A DSP

What Is a DSP and How Does It Work?

In the past, digital ads were bought and sold in a manual manner by real people; publishers and ad buyers. This method of buying digital ads was not only expensive and unreliable, but in some cases, advertisers were not able to buy enough ad inventories for specific ad campaigns. DSPs were made to make the […]

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MobileAds.com - The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Mobile Ad Campaign

The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Mobile Ad Campaign

More people than ever are living their lives on smartphones. Your future clients are literally around the corner of your store. How do you plan an effective mobile ad campaign that can get them in your door? Many brands and businesses expect the use of mobile advertising will increase their sales. As an ad agency, your […]

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how to achieve more with engagement ads

Engagement Ads: How to Optimize Your Rich Media Ads for High Impact?

Create distinct personalization and targeting with mobile rich media ads—boost mobile ad engagement and create strong brand connection between brands and consumers If you are helping your clients to create a better brand connection with their target audience, you should look at high impact engagement ads. We live in a world overwhelmed with advertisements. Moreover, […]

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Location Based Mobile Advertising

Location-Based Mobile Advertising: A Step-by-Step Guide for Small Businesses

Small businesses the world over are always finding ways to bring in more foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar stores. With the advent of location-based mobile advertising, small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are now able to target potential customers who are within arms reach of their store accurately. If you are an SMB, and you’ve been struggling with […]

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Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Rich Media Advertising Campaigns: How to Achieve More?

Rich media ads give you the best of both worlds in your advertising campaigns—branding and performance-based marketing. As web technologies continue to advance, advertisers and marketers are pairing up traditional advertising campaigns with new methods to create innovative ways to communicate messages. A study from Elon University supports the notion that animated, graphically illustrated or […]

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