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Close Button Timer

New Feature: Interstitial Ad Close Button Timer

This is a new feature which allows a timer to be set on your Interstitial Ad format. It will hide the close button while the timer is running and it will only be shown once the timer runs out. With the introduction of close button timer, you will be able to ensure your audience view your ad at least the predefined duration […]

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Flexi Ad Creator to build HTML5 Banner

New Feature: Flexi Ad Creator to build HTML5 Banner

  We are excited to announce the launch of our new HTML5 Ad Creator (Beta) where you can use to build animated HTML5 banner easily. With the new Ad Creator (Beta), you can build different animated layout for your banner. Just simply drag & drop different media (image, text, etc) into your ad, rearrange the […]

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Location Targeted Mobile Advertising For Real Estate

Pro Tips on Real Estate Location Targeted Mobile Advertising

Location-targeted mobile advertising can bring enormous potential to your real estate business. These 4 major trends can very well paint the picture of the huge opportunity. And why running hyperlocal advertising campaigns using mobile rich media components are no longer a far-fetched thing. Increasing migration of users from desktop to mobile, specifically smartphones—making consumers becoming more […]

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