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What is Mobile Advertising and How Does it Work?

In a consumer world that’s always online, a good advertising campaign definitely needs to focus on its mobile phone using audience. However, mobile advertising is a completely new field that differs a lot from the traditional concepts of ad making. 
Present-day marketers use a wide range of sophisticated options to create user-friendly mobile ads to boost a brand name and generate higher revenues. 
The article here answers all your questions regarding mobile advertising, its benefits, different types, steps involved in designing a successful campaign, strategies and the costs involved. 

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What is the difference between DSP and SSP?

The definition and purpose of DSP and SSP is something that many marketers find challenging to understand. Unfortunately, the results on the internet can be a bit complex, and after research, you feel like you just developed a migraine. This article will differentiate the terms with the simplest terms possible. Demand Side Platform (DSP) The […]

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What is the difference between DMP and DSP?

Thanks to technology, the world feels like a small place now. Businesses can now collect data in all their departments and make accurate decisions. Business strategies, marketing, advertising, and other factors in businesses solely depends on data. As a mobile marketer, you must understand how data and its timing influence your campaigns. You must act […]

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Is Facebook a DSP?

Whether or not Facebook is a DSP, is a high sort question by advertisers. And yes, Facebook’s Ads manager can be termed as a Demand Side Platform.  What is a DSP? A demand-side platform is a system that’s designed to buy ad spaces and apps from multiple websites. The effectiveness of a DSP is determined […]

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What Is an Ad Tag

What Is A Third-Party Ad Tag?

What Is An Ad Tag? A third-party ad tag or ‘ad placement tag’ is simply a snippet of Javascript code, generated from a 3rd party ad server, which is then placed into an ad inventory space on a website or app to display ad creatives that were uploaded on the ad server. In layman terms, the ad […]

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What Is a Third Party Ad Server

What Is a Third Party Ad Server?

What Is a Third Party Ad Server? A third party ad server is a technology company with expertise in managing, serving, tracking and reporting of online display ads. Ads are uploaded into an ad server and an ad tag is generated. Advertisers then use that ad tag to serve ads into websites or mobile applications. […]

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