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Rich Media Ad Builder

How To Create HTML5 Banner Ads

HTML5 ads have changed display advertising entirely it has come a long way since the days of flash ads. It offers a set of interactive content, that works universally across any platform (website or app) and device (desktop, tablet & smartphone). What is an HTML5 Ad? While display ads used to just be text or […]

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Ad Tag Generator Mobileads

How To Use MobileAds’ Ad Tag Generator

An ad tag is a snippet of codes (usually Javascript) that advertisers use to serve ad creatives from an ad server to DSP (Demand-Side Platforms), ad networks or directly on sites & apps. There are many benefits to using ad tags to serve your ad creatives. One of the key benefits, however, is because it […]

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How To Measure Ad Viewability

How To Measure Viewability

Ad viewability is a major challenge in the Adtech industry. There are advertisers losing up to 70% of their ad spend – without them even realising it. As an advertiser, you need to take extra steps to getting ad viewability tracked in your campaign, regardless of whether you are buying ad inventories from programmatic or directly […]

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Ad Server For Advertisers

Ad Server For Advertisers – Why You Should Use An Ad Server

What is an Ad Server? An ad server is a technology which manages, serves, tracks and reports online display advertising campaigns. There are two types of ad servers in the advertising ecosystem: publisher (supply side) and advertiser (demand/buy side) ad server. Why should advertisers use ad servers to run campaigns? As an advertiser, what key factors should you look […]

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