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how to achieve more with engagement ads

Engagement Ads: How to Optimize Your Rich Media Ads for High Impact?

Create distinct personalization and targeting with mobile rich media ads—boost mobile ad engagement and create strong brand connection between brands and consumers If you are helping your clients to create a better brand connection with their target audience, you should look at high impact engagement ads. We live in a world overwhelmed with advertisements. Moreover, […]

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Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Rich Media Advertising Campaigns: How to Achieve More?

Rich media ads give you the best of both worlds in your advertising campaigns—branding and performance-based marketing. As web technologies continue to advance, advertisers and marketers are pairing up traditional advertising campaigns with new methods to create innovative ways to communicate messages. A study from Elon University supports the notion that animated, graphically illustrated or […]

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Secondary Action Rate

The Power of Secondary Action Rate in Mobile Advertising

There is a buzz in the mobile advertising world these days. And it is that the metric called click-through (CTR) simply isn’t enough for mobile campaigns. What makes more sense is a term called SAR—Secondary Action Rate. SAR claimed champion as the most accurate benchmarks for measuring mobile campaign success. Consequently, optimizing your mobile ads […]

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Richmedia Engagement Featured Image

How Rich Media Engagement Converts Better than Static Banners

Static banners are dying horrible deaths. They are not just dull and uninteresting, they also offer little engagement points. Through eMarketer’s 2014 performance metrics report, we know that rich media banners are 267% more effective than static banners. Furthermore, they give eight times more engagement than standard banners. Undeniably, investing in rich media contents can […]

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