What is Programmatic Advertising and How Does it Work?

Programmatic advertising, also known as programmatic display advertising, is an automatic process of buying and selling ad inventory. Ad inventory is an online space available for advertisements on digital media. Before advertising was programmatic, it was done manually. In purchasing manual orders, advertisers were in contact with a sales team for: Requesting for proposals: It […]

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Vast Ad Tag

How To Create VAST Tags

A VAST tag is essentially a third-party ad tag generated by an ad server, except that it’s for video ads. VAST stands for Video Ad Serving Template. It enables video players to sync with ad servers, thus as an advertiser, you can serve ads into multiple ad inventories within video ad players. Put simply, it enables […]

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Rich Media Ad Builder

How To Create HTML5 Banner Ads

HTML5 ads have changed display advertising entirely it has come a long way since the days of flash ads. It offers a set of interactive content, that works universally across any platform (website or app) and device (desktop, tablet & smartphone). What is an HTML5 Ad? While display ads used to just be text or […]

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